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Maintaining the long-term recovery needs of our community through advocacy, training, peer support and spiritual guidance.

We are here to support you

Substance Use Disorder does not only impact the individual. Its effects ripple out into the family and into the entire community. No matter where you are on your journey to wellness, we are here to support you, your family, and our community.


At LivingProof Recovery, we've seen first hand that the opposite of addiction is not sobriety but connection. That's why we continue to build a community with multiple pathways to recovery.


Please check out our schedule and join us for one of our recovery support groups, stop by the office to pick up Naltrexone (Narcan) or  other harm reduction materials, or call to schedule an appointment with a recovery coach.


We invite you to learn more about our programs, find out how you can connect in person, and join us in building a movement to create a community of long-term recovery in Rome.

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When I think of LivingProof and Next Door I think of family. They are a family that has showed up and saved my life more times than I can count and have always been there for me. Whether it was picking me up from jail, pushing me to see my potential of what I could do and be, never letting me give up on myself or sometimes just a simple phone call because they were thinking of you. Through Next Door and LivingProof I was able to heal, grow, and get that second chance at life. I have learned who Le Shay is through this whole process, and I have learned to love myself. I am proud of how far I have come, and I can’t wait to see what else my future holds for me and mine. I always know that no matter what I have a family there ready to help when needed.

LeShay Denton


There are several ways that YOU, our community, can get involved here at LivingProof Recovery. 

Volunteer Committee:  supports fundraising efforts in the community, coordinates fundraising events with the support of staff, helps with coordination and fulfillment of events and gatherings, and supports donor relationships

We are always in need of household supplies for both LivingProof, and our NextDoor House, and we like to stay stocked on hygiene items for our community outreach projects at LivingProof Recovery.

With Us

You can support the work of LivingProof Recovery financially by giving a one-time donation, or a recurring monthly donation! 

We are thankful for YOU, and all that our community does for, and with,

LivingProof Recovery


Peer Spotlight.

Christina, who is currently in Phase 2 of drug court, has been an incredible volunteer at LivingProof. We are thrilled to share that she has also landed a job at F&P and had the opportunity to spend Christmas with her children!
We are so proud of your progress, Christina. Keep shining!


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