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We believe there are multiple pathways to recovery, and we support peers through self-directed avenues of care — We have recovery coaching sessions with one of our certified peer specialists and several recovery support groups both during the day and in the evenings. We support family members of those with substance use disorder by providing a family support group, or a scheduled session with a CPS-Parent.

In addition to recovery support groups,  we provide our work out room free to our peers, our artistic expression room, musical instruments to use while here in the building, games, fun outings, special events, and our meditation room will be available soon!


We have a clothing closet that is available to our peers should the need arise. We provide a computer lab that can be used to find resources, create a resume, fill out job applications, fill out applications to further your education, or to research needs that peers may have. If you need guidance with any of these tasks, please schedule a time with a recovery coach- we'd be happy to support you!

Our peer support services are all about building a community of peers in recovery together who support one another. Visit our Schedule to find a group that is right for you.


Our staff members are all peers in long-term recovery. Meet one on one with us for a self-directed, multiple pathway approach to recovery.

Recovery Outings &

We offer monthly, recovery friendly, events for our community of peers. Check out our event schedule to get connected.

Resources for 

If you need treatment options or any other resource, come and see us. We are ready to help you! You are not alone!

Safe Spaces
to Hangout

Peers have access to a pool table, computer lab, art room, gym, and meditation space. We also have board games, books to read, and a coffee bar with snacks. Come hangout! 

Recovery Support

All of our support groups are led by peers who are in long-term recovery. We have both day and night groups. Check out our schedule to get connected! 

Harm Reduction

We have free Naloxone (Narcan), free fentanyl test strips, and free condoms! We want our community of peers safe. Please come see us today! 


Schedules and Events.

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