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A Different Pathway to Recovery, Every Day of the Week


At LivingProof Recovery, we believe there are multiple pathways to recovery, and we support peers through other self-directed avenues of care — whether that's a 12-step program, faith-based, agnostic, medication-assisted, or another option.

In addition to recovery meetings, though, we provide peer support through free childcare during meetings, exercise classes, fun outings, and special events.

Our peer support services are all about building a community of peers in recovery together who support one another. Visit our Meeting Schedule to find a meeting that is right for you.




Supporting Recovery with Economic Opportunity


At LivingProof Recovery, we know recovery is about more than just sobriety — it's about getting your life on track across the board. Doing meaningful work and having economic opportunity can be a pathway to long-term recovery.

LivingProof provides a range of employment services for peers in recovery — from assistance with finding a job to providing direct employment for returning citizens in one of our social enterprises. Call or email us to schedule an appointment.


Providing a Supportive Atmosphere for Long-Term Recovery


NextDoor is our recovery residence program for women in recovery. NextDoor provides a safe and supportive atmosphere for a weekly rental fee for formerly incarcerated women as they work to get their life on track. We provide safety, structure, and the tools to break the cycle of recidivism and enable women to live abundant lives. Call or email us to learn more.


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