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LivingProof Recovery becomes a model for Recovery Community Organizations

From Hometown Headlines, July 10,2018:

It was nearly four months ago when Seth Holley found himself at rock bottom. His alcohol addiction had taken over his life, made a mess of his marriage and left him with little hope. But with the encouragement of friends, Holley stepped foot inside LivingProof Recovery, a local recovery community organization, on March 25, and made the decision to change his life.

“I was really bad off. My wife had left me. I was at the bottom and I didn’t know if could quit,” says Holley. “Through friends, they told me to go meet with Claudia (Hamilton) at LivingProof. So, I went to an AA meeting. I didn’t know what to expect but Claudia met me at the front door and showed me around. The immediate acceptance and support was great. I realized I wasn’t the only one struggling.”

And now, Holley has been sober for 104 days. His marriage and relationships to wife Maggie and 2-year-old son Christopher have been restored. He’s completed the 12-step program with Alcoholics Anonymous and turned his life around for Christ.

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